Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reagan's Legacy

Okay, I know I have put up waaaaay too much content today, but I continue to read interesting things. Here is an article on the legacy of Ronald Reagan that touches on the current crisis tracing its origins to his policies, George W Bush (who is clearly disliked by nearly everyone) being largely a disciple of Reagan (who is loved), and Barack Obama being nowhere near RR, despite some comparisons to the contrary.

I spent the morning railing on FDR - not the first time I've done that - but this article paints Reagan in that same light... an overrated President who is wildly popular even though his policies largely hurt the average American. I'm not sure where he belongs, but this article suggests in 20 more years, if we can get through the aftermath of the Bush years, we'll see Reaganomics get a scholarly treatment akin to the Keynesian ideas of the 1930s.

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