Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Israel and Iran

I just read a very interesting opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal - I very much enjoy their paper but refuse to pay for a subscription to their website. I got to read it at work for free last summer and still look for free content there, but don't read it consistently because I get locked out of things and find that frustrating.

Anyone have an explanation for why WSJ remains one of the only newspapers where you have to pay to read their online content? They can't be making that much revenue from a paid subscription, and online content is vastly cheaper than home delivery of a paper anyway, so shouldn't they encourage people to go online?

Anyway, the point of this post was to talk about this article. Here's the concluding line:

"Although there is no profit now in complaining that Israel should have struck during the Bush years, the missed opportunity is palpable."

The entire article brings to mind two important questions in my mind. How close were we to an Israel-instigated theater in the Middle East during the Bush years? Also, is Obama's approach to the Middle East more or less likely to maintain the status quo (and as an aside, is this beneficial)?

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