Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not a Twitter Revolution...

But something better! I enjoyed this perspective on the goings-on in Iran in recent weeks. This was certainly not the point of the article, but it was my favorite line:

"I didn’t meet any Iranians calling for U.S. intervention; that’s strictly a debate inside the Washington beltway."

I feel that my role as an American is to simply watch this conflict unfold. I don't think we can do anything to equalize the playing field in Iranian politics - this is an unfortunate fact but a fact nonetheless. There's nothing we should do but watch, though you can count on Interventionist America to do much more. 


Josh Knox said...

William J. Bennett disagrees with you.

Pete Abbate said...

United States of America... United World of America... United American World! UAW - that's what we need!

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