Wednesday, January 16, 2008

That's What She Said...

Hillary Clinton raised the eyebrows of America recently by saying that "it took a president" to realize the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King. Tactically, this statement makes no sense, which makes it all the more interesting (remember the tears everyone believes were calculated?). And although there is some merit to the idea that it takes two to tango, I tend to believe that it would be a lot easier for someone else to replicate Lyndon Johnson's actions than for someone else to replicate Dr. Martin Luther King's role.

Bill Clinton's "fairy tale" comment about the Obama campaign has also shocked many citizens. He recently went to Al Sharpton to apologize. This called to my memory a recent South Park, in which a character uses the n-word on a TV game show, then goes to Jesse Jackson to apologize, only to find out that he is still ostracized in the town, because "Jesse Jackson isn't the emperor of black people."

Whether or not we're ready, race is finally out in the open. Is it better for the Democrats to have race come out now? Will it cushion Barack - if he wins the nomination - from an all-out Republican attack? Why do so many people see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as the leaders of some non-existent black community, and will they be viewed as such for as long as they live?

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