Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sports, Part II: Hockey

I am a huge hockey fan, probably due to the fact that I played all through high school or the fact that I hail from the adopted hometown of Sidney Crosby. I loved the Winter Classic in every sense. Anything that can bring hockey to the American public is okay with me.

ESPN's John Saunders suggested, as most writers have, that the Winter Classic should be played regularly. I think he has had the best suggestion for how to do it, though, considering that it should be played in many markets but also probably needs the greatest star power the NHL has to offer to attract the most viewers. Make the All-Star game an outdoor event!

It works well for the hockey purists, who say that it's too much of a gimmick to do in the regular season. It ensures that Crosby and other superstars will always be involved, but doesn't keep all the attention in Pittsburgh. Playing exhibition hockey outdoors is one way hockey could really improve its standing in America. Anyone have any other ideas of how to bring hockey to the masses?

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