Monday, July 6, 2009

Top Ten!

Pittsburgh has two of the Top Ten in ESPN's Ultimate Team Rankings! They are the only city with two franchises in the top ten, though it is worth noting that Ducks are number 11 and the LA Angels are number 1. The reality is that both of these teams belong to Anaheim and are great franchises.

Being from Pittsburgh means that I have the Steelers in my bloodstream, and winning the Lombardi trophy this year was awesome. Still, as an avid hockey fan and part-time player, I count the recent Stanley Cup victory among the greatest thrills of my lifetime. It is quite gratifying to see the Penguins represented eighth on this list; the Steelers have been perennially among the top ten, but the Pens have not (until now) gained that sort of respect.

Aside: Please ignore number 94, if you are perusing the list from top to bottom. Apparently they are including minor league baseball franchises, as well; the Pirates are an embarrassment to all that is black and gold.

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