Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rant on Glenn Beck

Note: This is a poorly-written stream of consciousness thing. Apologies.

Here is a three minute video of him being interviewed by Katie Couric. He spends the entire interview refusing to define "white culture" but standing by his assertion that President Obama is a racist.

Here is his nonsensical frog analogy.

The guy goes around ranting and raving on television, and the sad truth is that people listen to him. He can't substantiate anything that he says but nonetheless continues to be gainfully employed. Tell me any other industry where this kind of thing would be tolerated!

The Van Jones thing still bugs me, too. Beck - the former alcoholic and drug addict - gets Jones fired by bringing up things he's said/done in his past. Congratulations, Glenn, for cleaning up your life, but I think being a former alcoholic really limits how much you can justifiably say about someone else's past.

The thought that people actually listen to what this guy says just terrifies me.


Josh Knox said...

Other industries where this kind of thing is tolerated:


Pete Abbate said...

"This kind of thing" refers to my rant or Glenn Beck? I'm amused by the ambiguity...

Compared with the totality of knowledge which is continually utilized in the evolution of a dynamic civilization, the difference between the knowledge that the wisest and that which the most ignorant individual can deliberately employ is comparatively insignificant. ~Fredrich Hayek in The Constitution of Liberty